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What are we Offering?

One-Stop Shop for Data across functions and departments. Wantstats will help you monitor and track markets with over 2 million data points and counting.

  • Market Sizing
  • Market Forecast
  • Market Share Analysis
Where do we Stand in the Industry

We believe that "We must use time as a tool, not as a couch". Wantstats provides the relief of not having to go through 200 pages of a report. We have built data that is easy to access and absorb through analytics, charts, and graphs. The coverage of Wantstats will keep you updated on market movements and dynamics as they shape up.

Our analyst team consists of highly experienced individuals who track markets throughout the year via expert interviews, data collection through paid and public domains, associations, and a consultant network spread globally. Our client servicing is just an email/call away to solve any queries within a window of 24 hours.


Starter Account

  • Download XLS, PNG & PPT
  • View Access to 1 Million Data
  • View Access to Entire Platform

Single User Account

  • Dedicated Client Service Manager
  • Download XLS, PNG & PPT
  • View access to 2 million data
  • View Access to Entire Platform

Business Account

  • Dedicated Client Service Manager
  • Dedicated Analyst Support
  • Suggestive request box to accommodate new markets during subscription period
  • Access to the entire data & statistics with download rights for up to 10000 Premium statistics per 12 months without publication rights
  • View Access to Entire Platform

Charts & Statistics

What Do They Represent

Data visualization is becoming increasingly important as businesses rely more and more on data to make decisions. Wanstats present over 1 million data points in form of charts and statistics which are easy to absorb and interpret. With a quick search option and usage of AI based suggestion module, the platform will enable you to save time and capture market data in a capsule format.

How Do They Help

Market intelligence charts & statistics are essential for businesses of all sizes. They provide valuable insights into your target market, your competitors, and the overall industry landscape. This information can help you make better strategic decisions, develop more effective marketing campaigns, and improve your bottom line. With over 2 million charts & stats and counting, the platform will certainly trim down the spend on market intelligence by a mile.

New Age Research Tool

We have built a platform that will enable you to capture all types of market intelligence such as market numbers, sales revenue, competitive intelligence, news & updates, and regulatory filings. The idea is to save time, money and effort for companies, functions and individuals who believe in smart work.

Value Proposition

  • Increased market knowledge
  • Improved decision-making
  • Reduced time to market
  • Reduced time to market
  • Enhanced competitive intelligence

How We Are Moving Ahead

Our Knowledge Charts Database a tamed monster

Users from 200 different locations are working
with Reports from our platform.


Users from 200 different locations are working
with Reports from our platform.



How can I get access to the platform?
Clients will receive a login ID for access to the platform depending on the account type post receiving the payment. A demo video to fully utilize the platform along with dedicated account manager will be present to help with the onboarding case.
Our team of over 500 analysts works around the clock to monitor markets, collect information and publish reports & statistics to provide updated information. The monthly newsletter will also inform our subscribers on the recent and upcoming additions on the platform.
What is the source of information?
Wantstats is the publishing entity of all the data & statistics present on the platform. The company has a repository built via publishing experience of last 7 years across the industries and verticals. Our in-house analyst team have developed the data with a robust research process and methodologies driven by a mix of primary (~80%) and secondary (~20%).
You can enjoy 12 months of access to both Basic and Premium accounts, and your subscription will be renewed automatically.


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